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    A home-away-from-home located between The Lodge at Sunriver Resort and the Cove Aquatic Center. Each room is accessed straight from the outdoors and features a cozy fireplace, outdoor space and spectacular views.


    Sunriver Resort’s most intimate accommodations located just south of The Lodge and along the river. Each room features soaking tubs with bath salts, plush robes, unique amenities, a private deck, a welcoming fireplace and in close proximity to the hot tub.


    The finest collection of Sunriver vacation rentals located in the heart of Sunriver Resort's adventure filled community. Choose from a variety of homes and condos sure to fit every family's needs.

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    A private residential resort community amid a rare wilderness setting with its own array of amenities in addition to Sunriver Resort. Choose from mountain-style homes to the new Forestbrook residences and studio rentals.

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Sunriver Golf Club

Embark on a golf journey like never before with our new Sunriver Golf Club Memberships

Golf Club Members enjoy access to the Meadows and Woodlands Golf Courses, designed by renowned architects John Fought and Robert Trent Jones Jr. These courses promise an unparalleled golfing experience amidst breathtaking landscapes. Every player is unique, and whether you’re an avid golfer seeking unlimited access or a casual player looking for flexibility, we have the perfect membership for you.

Three Membership Options

Golf Membership

Golf Membership extends beyond the greens and provides you with fantastic perks throughout Sunriver Resort year-round. Tee time reservations are available to Golf Members 14 days in advance. Golf Membership includes the primary member, their spouse, and dependent children under the age of 25.

Initiation Fee: $10,000
Monthly Dues: $375

Players Membership

The Players Membership is designed for the casual golfer who is ready to unwind and enjoy the game on a less frequent basis. The first round at either Meadows or Woodlands is complimentary, and all additional rounds are available upon payment of the prevailing resort guest greens fee. Tee time reservations are available to Players Members 7 days in advance.

Initiation Fee: $500

Day Membership

Day Membership is perfect for the occasional golfer. For a daily fee of $50, in addition to the resort guest greens fee. Tee time reservations are available to Day Members 3 days in advance. Please call 541-593-4402 to book your tee time.

Initiation Fee: $50 per day


For additional membership details or questions please contact Leiana Smith by phone or email

Reserve Your Membership

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  • Is the Golf membership initiation fee refundable?
    No, unless otherwise specified by Club Management, all membership and initiation fees are non-refundable

    Do Golf Members have a member account where they can charge purchases of food/drinks/merchandise/cart fees?
    Yes, Golf Members are assigned member accounts at the time of sign-up, once their Member ID card is activated, they can use this account for charging purchases at Sunriver Resort Outlets. Accounts are billed monthly.

    Can Golf membership dues be paid by cash, check, or credit card?
    We require all membership accounts to be set up on auto-pay. Payments can be made either via credit card (with a 3% surcharge assessed) or by ACH (Automated Clearing House with no surcharge).

    Does Golf membership extend to my partner, spouse, and/or children?
    Golf membership includes benefits that extend to your partner, spouse, and/or any unmarried children under the age of 25.

    Can Golf Members use their privately owned golf carts on the golf courses?
    Members do have the option to use their privately owned golf carts on the golf courses, subject to an annual fee and club management's approval of requirements and restrictions. Requirements include brand, color, tire tread, battery power, capacity, and frame length.

    Do Golf Members get priority tee time access over non-members?
    Golf Members have a 14-day booking window, whereas Player Members have a 7-day booking window, and Day Members have a 3-day booking window.

    Do Golf Members have to pay for range balls or cart usage if they have paid the initiation fee and are paying dues?
    Golf membership provides complimentary access to the Sunriver Resort courses and range balls. Cart fees are required in addition to the monthly dues and initiation fee for Golf Members.

    Are Golf Members allowed to invite and treat guests to golf at Sunriver Resort?
    Yes, Golf Members may invite up to 3 guests at any one time. Guests will be subject to the prevailing Golf Member guest fees established by Club Management.

    Do Golf Members get discounts at Sunriver Resort outlets?
    Yes, Golf Members will receive a range of benefits, including 20% off at Sunriver Resort Food & Beverage outlets (excluding alcohol, Crosswater and Starbucks), 20% off of The Spa at Sunriver Resort services, 20% off Sunriver Bike Barn rentals, 20% off at the Sunriver Resort Marina, and 20% off at Sunriver Resort Retail outlets. Golf Members are also extended access to the Cove.

    Is there someone that Members can contact if we have questions about Membership?
    Yes, please contact the Director or Membership, Leiana Smith by email for assistance with questions, comments or concerns.

    Are Golf Members able to book tee times online?
    Yes, Golf and Players Members can book tee times online. Membership account information such as name and unique member number are required to access. Day members do not have online tee time access and must call 541-593-4402 or request in person.

  • Will a Players Membership have to pay the ‘initiation fee’ every year?
    Yes, Players Memberships expire at the end of each calendar year, and the initiation fee is required to be paid annually for renewal and is subject to change annually.

    Does a Players Member have to pay a greens fee to play golf?
    Upon becoming a Players Member, the first round is complimentary. All subsequent rounds are available at the prevailing Sunriver Resort guest greens fee rate, the cost of which includes range balls and cart fee.

    Does the Players Membership include spouse/partner/children?
    No, the Players Membership is designed for one individual and does not extend to include a spouse, partner or children.

    Can a Players Member invite guests to play golf and, if so, what is the fee?
    Yes, Players Members may invite guests to play golf, and guests of a Players Member will be charged the prevailing Resort guest fee.

    Are Players Members allowed to compete in major golf events like club championships or invitations?
    No, Players Members are not eligible to compete in major golf events.

    Do Players Members get priority tee time access over non-members?
    Players Members have a 7-day booking window whereas Golf Members have a 14-day booking window and Day Members have a 3-day booking window.

    Will Players Members be entitled to discounts at Sunriver Resort outlets?
    No, Players members are not extended discounts at Sunriver Resort outlets.

    Are Players Members allowed to attend any Member social events or programming?
    Yes, Players members are welcome and encouraged to attend social events put on by Sunriver Resort Golf Club or Sunriver Resort.

  • Membership Types and Costs:

    What types of memberships are available?
    Golf Membership | Players Membership | Day Membership

    What are the initiation fees and annual dues for each membership type?
    Golf Membership: $10,000 | $375/month
    Players Membership: $500/year | Plus prevailing Sunriver Resort guest greens fees
    Day Membership: $50/day | Plus prevailing Sunriver Resort guest greens fees

    Are there any additional costs or assessments throughout the year?
    Club Management may increase dues at any time for a limited period of time in conjunction with assessments for capital expenditures or repairs to the Club’s facilities.

    Course Access:

    Which golf courses do members have access to play?
    Meadows and Woodlands Golf courses are included in Sunriver Golf Club Membership

    Tee Time Availability:

    How far in advance can a member reserve a tee time?
    Golf Membership - 14 days
    Players Membership - 7 days
    Day Membership - 3 days

    How easy is it for members to book tee times?
    Member-only tee times will be reserved to ensure availability opportunities.

    Are there any restrictions on when members can play?
    Members may book tee times without hourly, daily, or weekly restrictions.

    Guest Policies:

    What are the policies regarding guests of members?
    Golf Membership – Membership includes the partner or spouse and/or children under the age of 25. Guests are welcomed and will be charged the Golf Member guest rate.
    Player Membership – Individual Membership. Guests are welcomed and will be charged the prevailing resort guest greens fee.
    Day Membership – Individual Membership. Guests are welcome and will be charged the same Day Member rate.

    How many guests can a member invite to play?
    Members must accompany guests on the golf course unless otherwise granted approval by Club Management to sponsor unaccompanied guests. Members are limited to three guests at any one time. Guests are limited to four rounds per calendar year. Guests may access the practice facility following registration in the golf shop and payment of applicable fees. Guests may utilize the practice facility prior to their tee time and only on the day of the tee time.

    Events and Tournaments:

    Does the club host regular events, tournaments, or social activities for Members?
    Social events will be made available in 2024 which Golf Members and Players Members will have access and are encouraged to attend.

    Are there any participation requirements or additional fees for these events?
    Depending on the event, there may be fees involved to participate based on the inclusions provided and the type of event being hosted.

    Course Maintenance:

    Are there any scheduled closures for maintenance?
    Meadows and Woodlands will each be closed one Tuesday per month to allow for maintenance projects to be completed. These closures will not be on the same Tuesday so one of the courses will remain accessible.

    Membership Resale or Transfer:

    Is the membership transferable or can it be sold?
    No, Sunriver Golf Club Memberships are not transferable nor may they be sold.

    Pickleball and The Spa at Sunriver Resort Access

    Do Sunriver Golf Club members get access to Pickleball and The Spa at Sunriver Resort as part of joining?
    No, the Sunriver Resort Pickleball Membership and Wellness Membership are separate and are not included in the Sunriver Golf Club Membership.

    Sunriver Homeowner Discounts

    If I am a homeowner within the SROA, am I extended non-member access or greens fee discounts?
    For SROA homeowners to access the golf courses, they must join as a Sunriver Golf Club Member under the available options of Golf, Players, or Day Membership.